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you said it’s time for

you said it’s time for
you to leave, and suddenly, the
river splits into

two, no room to negotiate,
no need to get sentimental

puncture, split, and peel –

after being split

on the edge of san

to tell the truth, as soon

to tell the truth, as soon
as i have settled into
the wait at the gate,
boarding pass in hand,
homeward bound,
i am split into two –
one in anticipation,
with joy, the other,
already in the future,
sitting at another
gate, heart
untangling the
strings that keep
pulling me
home, taut with
renewed longing –
waiting to be whole

three a.m., and i’m

three a.m., and i’m
a fissure, two
narrations of
myself sundering,
one towards
daybreak, the other
still fastened to
the umbilical
cord of dreams

half of the delight

half of the delight
in brunch is deciding
who orders savory
and who orders
sweet, then splitting