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every solitude

every solitude
is cushioned, protected, held
one inch from an ask


darling, there will always

darling, there will always
be moments when you will not
understand why i need as much
time with you as without

there is a constant
pull between wanting
and not wanting –
and until we stop falling
into each other’s arms
on top of the clean
laundry on an unmarked
sunday morning, there will be
nothing to worry about, you
will forever know i am coming

i know, and now you

i know, and now you
know, how this will go –
there will be
one week when i will
be indecisive about emptying
the wicker trash bin in the
bedroom, months when i
will avoid vacuuming
one or two corners of the
apartment for fear of
erasing you, a year or
five may go by before i
walk down that street
or head to the cloisters
again, and still, there
will be pockets within
, here and there,
when i will, without so
many words, bump into
the feeling the last time…
was with you
over and
over, until you become
like a fragrance from
lifetimes before

there are a lot of

there are a lot of
things that i don’t
say – like how even
with you, i get
lonely sometimes,
or how i prefer
the loneliness
to making a run
for it – okay,
maybe only one
or two things

part of living is

we accept that we

we accept that we
will be detectives of one
another’s hearts – some

days, you’ll need to turn up the
bass, and that’ll be alright

the sea is often