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there will be days when

we can lean on all

we can lean on all
of this waiting
and still not
have something
solid enough
to stand on

on most days, i am

on most days, i am
afraid that i will be more
tempted to jump than
to step solidly backward –
we all know a little
something about
gathering momentum

on days when i have to

on days when i have to
keep my chin up, i do
it, like one of those
chinstrap penguins,
climbing out of the
antarctic, ready to find
anything that resembles
a foothold on those steep
slopes. you are never
ready to hear this, i know
it, by the way you smile
so innocently, try out
jokes to conduct the most
favorable light. i make
the decision for you,
yes, sorry, just like that,
you are not allowed
to comfort me, i keep
my chin up, helmet on, look
for the next solid step

at our very

at our very
best, we are
migrating through
each state of
matter as soon
as conditions change,
never quite solid

with a solid

with a solid
cup of coffee
warming your
hands, the grass
is always
greener on
this side

these days, i hold

these days, i hold
my breath like it is
really going to make
a difference this
time, like the fog
will lift just
enough so that
i can do math
again – compare
apples to oranges,
your passing to
someone else’s
loss. if i squint, i
can almost make
out something solid
on the other side
of the equation