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it took only six

it took only six
weeks to get over you this
time – i am getting

so much better at it, there
should be a reward system

it took just under six

it took just under six
years to disassociate
getting off at Bedford
with the apparition of
you on that January
corner as i emerge
from the station.
in every version, there
is a crook interlaced
in the narrative, and
the dénouement
excuses herself
to turn in early


after awhile, it was clear

after awhile, it was clear
that no one was going to
lose their clothes today,
and when the rain came
down just past six, the
colorful fabrics clung
a little more
snuggly, anchoring us
to the solid ground,
to life, to exuberance,
to the bewitching rapture
of reveling