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in every moment

in every moment
of forgetting, hearts splinter,
words look for throats in

which to get caught, hands clasp and
unclasp, learn to build bridges


it has come to my

it has come to my
attention that
you sing when
moving from room to
room in the middle of
a quiet afternoon because
i scare easily. love is
adding to our repertoire
so that we can
become more
fearless together

there are at least four

there are at least four
hundred and twenty-
eight songs i no longer
play, not counting the
accidental shuffles, one-
point-one days of ditties
i will not d.j. for
guests nor the company
of one. between past and
present, there is a
gap, where last played
rehearses silently, confined
to a losing history

last night, with one look,

it’s all well and good

it’s all well and good
to state that we will not show
up, that we will take
to the streets, show
solidarity by stepping out
of housework, child
care, maybe apply
some self-care at
the local beauty
parlor, therapeutic
spa. meanwhile, a
host of silent women
will step in
to fill the gap, make
the lunches, file the
nails, listen to and
nod and listen to the
ones who insist on
being heard

because i love you,

between wanting you

between wanting you
and not wanting to want
you is a gooey
mystery, with a bit
of a crunch, not unlike
the best peanut
butter – no matter
how i spread
it, the days between
the days are so
delicious, the hours
that crawl inside of
minutes get stuck
on the roof of
my mouth, so that
the words, the
important ones,
can’t get out