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it’s all well and good

it’s all well and good
to state that we will not show
up, that we will take
to the streets, show
solidarity by stepping out
of housework, child
care, maybe apply
some self-care at
the local beauty
parlor, therapeutic
spa. meanwhile, a
host of silent women
will step in
to fill the gap, make
the lunches, file the
nails, listen to and
nod and listen to the
ones who insist on
being heard

i bury things, night

i bury things, night
and day, move
through fiction
and nonfiction to feel
safe. you have no
idea how boring
and terrifying
time can seem

the early bird arrives

the early bird arrives
at 4:05 this morning, two
hours and thirty-six
minutes before sunrise,
and i am building
shelves to put away
new tears for the
ones who will no
longer call out, who
have been forever
in the middle
of the night