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maybe with wings, we

here and there, words hide

here and there, words hide
other words, tuck them away
between the folds of
syllables, knowing that
there will be days when
we will need shelter
from each other

at any given

at any given
moment, we are one
face, consumed
with the identity of
us, some using
it as a surrender,
others, a shield

they hand them out with

they hand them out with
very little instructions
in these parts. it is
only sometimes
wallet-sized. i have
seen several distinctive
placards jerked
around as weapons
or shields – nothing
mind you.
at the end of the
day, it is never really
a surprise –
we are wired to
form patterns, take
sides. it requires
more effort to
override the shortcut
than, say, pull
out that race card