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not being scared about

not being scared about
death is not the same as
being fearless
about dying or
getting to
the point where
everything matters
less than what’s
going in

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: matters

i am scared. i am

i am scared. i am
not scared. i am scared. i am
not scared. i am scared.

psyching out the universe
to stake a claim. i am not scared

trying not to be

trying not to be
scared in the middle of the
night takes guts and strong
wings, is mindful of the
second hand, has a routine
for setting up and
breaking down camp

the thing to do

the thing to do
about heights
and creepy crawlies
and critters
and thirst
and scaremongering
and love
and being alone
in the dark
is to not take
the low road,
but instead,
to take time,
study your own
patterns, initiate
your reverse
fear conditioning,
put down the
law of the instrument