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we are mostly a

we are mostly a
distraction to ourselves and
each other, other

roles are few and far between,
there’s no need for auditions

and still, we over-

in the courtyard of

it’s true, we are all-

it’s true, we are all-
together home, taking our
places, playing our

roles in the noodle-making
and eating continuum

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: continuum

for some, we try on

the hand that receives

the hand that receives
is a storyteller, is a
historian, is a
mind-reader, is an
evangelist, is a
hard worker, is an
opportunist, is a
thief, is a
negotiator, is a
slave, is a
master, is a
son, a daughter,
a father, a mother,
is a child, is an
overseer, is a
lover, is a
dodger, is a
coward, is
a winner