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afterwards, we lie

afterwards, we lie
in bed, trading
reasons why
we would never work –
when you reach one
million and three,
i gather up the
sheets and say let’s
do this again
some other time

we gather today

we gather today
for tomorrow,
the way we have
always done it –
without thinking
about tomorrow

every morning ritual

every morning ritual
requires a little
give and take –
one more minute
in the shower,
one less spoon
of honey, fifteen
more seconds
on the phone, two
less bites of
fruit, one change
of shirt, three
less tugs on
the hair


q: how many stuntmen

q: how many stuntmen
does it take to pull
yourself out of a
maximum security
bed, karate
chop through the
morning rituals
and hightail it
through a flaming
door or window
before the director
says cut?

a: half a dozen –
five to pull you
out of bed while
the other goes
through the motions

an ocean of seconds