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we have once again

we have once again
arrived at a moment for
renewal – the first

day of summer, with raindrops
pattering on the window

in the middle of

in the middle of
baking and sewing and getting
our clothes cleaned, perhaps

we are getting back to the
basics, cautious and renewed

to tell the truth, as soon

to tell the truth, as soon
as i have settled into
the wait at the gate,
boarding pass in hand,
homeward bound,
i am split into two –
one in anticipation,
with joy, the other,
already in the future,
sitting at another
gate, heart
untangling the
strings that keep
pulling me
home, taut with
renewed longing –
waiting to be whole

we are observing

we are observing
another anniversary
of your death, when
all of a sudden, years
are pressed more
tightly together, days
are returned with
renewed polish,
and our centers
are suspended, not quite
sure which way to topple

soon after the new

soon after the new
year, there is a heaviness
that comes with being

weightless for so long, or is
it the other way around?

brushing up on one

in the life cycle

in the life cycle
of every skin
cell, there is
birth, awareness,
and death.
soon, the last
of the cells that knew
your touch will nearly
all at once
complete their
migration to
the surface, spread
their seasoned
wings, and
dive, dive –
no one
will know
the difference

belonging is a

on the same tree, life

some friendships