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the thing about a

the thing about a
city is not exactly
the city, but the

layers behind the layers, those
personal built-in triggers

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in the city, we

in the city, we
are stories within
within stories –

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: stories

back when we used to

back when we used to
exchange letters, everything
was more – like meeting

in grand central this november,
recalling the length of your hair

it’s like when you are

it’s like when you are
heading the other way while
everyone else is

headed home – so many pairs
of lights helping you move past

when reality

on rainy mornings,

on rainy mornings,
we collect puddles, folding in
each corner with care

so that only the chosen
reflections spill when retrieved

in conversation,

in conversation,
we catch one another’s
reflections as our
own, eight words
out of ten, it
cannot be helped

all day, i keep

all day, i keep
forgetting that you
left us this morning,
and even now, when
i quiet my heart to
take in the news, i
hear old news, when
you called eight years
ago to say that he’s
gone, and do not be
sad, it was so peaceful,
you were reading to him
as he sat in his favorite
chair, and then
you were reading.
tonight, i am not ready
for the details just yet.
there are no brave
messengers. you are
gone, but not yet gone

there are chapters of

there are chapters of
my heart that require
fried chicken – yes,
i am asking you
to forgive me
for these dog-eared,
oil-stained pages –
they are most delicious

on a scale of walking

on a scale of walking
into traffic and
walking into the sea,
last night i
chose the sea,
and when i reached it,
you called me
out of the blue,
an accusatory tone
in your voice,
taking me back
to the days when
i’d arrive at my
childhood home
and not ring you up.
i was found out,
i leaned the
heaviness against you
so that i could
find a new
balance, and you
shifted so that you
could accommodate
the weight. i
wandered alongside,
instead of into,
though the sound of
the waves will always
compete with your voice