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it has come to my

it has come to my
attention that
you sing when
moving from room to
room in the middle of
a quiet afternoon because
i scare easily. love is
adding to our repertoire
so that we can
become more
fearless together

in the middle of

in the middle of
the night, opening and
closing a door without
waking the household
is a balancing
act reserved for a
watchmaker, a
master craftsman
with the ability to
compress nanoseconds
into seconds with
a measured
turn of the
wrist, quiet
hinges with
a look – i am
averse to watches,
you are a light
sleeper. all
bets are off
when nature calls

independence sits

independence sits
on our front doorsteps
while we are
away, taking
matters into her own
paws and turning
them into deluxe
peace and quiet