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when family comes

the morning after

the morning after
arrives like any other –
someone cranks the gear

for the sun, checks in on the
chickens first, wakes the cities second

when your body senses

when your body senses
you’re on the run, things
shut down in order from
lowest to highest
priority. regardless of
real or imaginary
danger, systems lift
salt from that wound,
give your heart a chance

somewhere between

somewhere between
the picture listing in
The Real Estate Book
and the second
mortgage, they
have built a home,
welcomed his first
cousin, twice
removed, survived
an affair, and given up
on the swollen door
that scrapes the
floor only during
through it all, they
had a nonverbal
agreement to prioritize
the house’s image,
to uphold those
first impressions
, that
white picket fence,
from the
honeymoon viewing