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jared, twenty years

jared, twenty years
is a long time to know and
not know a person –

when my spirit finally
meets your spirit, let’s start over

when it comes to certain

when it comes to certain
hobbies, you can squeeze
some truth by wringing
an old poet’s words –
good gardens
make good neighbors

on average, the human

on average, the human
heart discards point
two megabytes of broken
per second, leaving
a distinct taste of loss
in the air for sixteen
seconds just right after –
and should a lucky poet
be passing by, packing
a pair of powder-
free latex gloves and
the finest tweezers, he
or she may gingerly
pinch the fallen
fragments, take them
home to rinse and
hang-dry for a week,
before refashioning
them into something
useful to a beating
heart again