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january is

january is
a placebo – for a moment,
we are unflinching

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: placebo

in between sleep,

in between sleep,
darkness fingers my
thoughts, conducting
a double blind
taste test – this one,
yes, this one is
real, and
not that one
– and
there is no bias,
no preferred
treatment. even
the first sign of
morning reveals
no answers

every night, we drink from the

every night, we drink from the
bottle we labeled healing
to give our brains authority
over our bodies
even at rest –
no one is collecting
data from this runaway
placebo effect


no one is making a noise
to test the depth of
silence. no one is
dropping a hint to lose
the stillness of a
solution. no one is
collecting data for this
placebo effect. someone
is opening a window
to confirm the
absence of a breeze.

i miss those manual circulation
days when a book
held deep pockets full
of names, thoughtful
gestures of those who, like me,
checked out and checked in
for an unfamiliar ride. i miss
calculating how long each
book had been waiting
in between borrowers and
how many others have already
shared this particular story.
i miss lining up dutifully
with my name
in a different style, in
contrasting ink. and i
miss entering myself
into each new raffle –
a wager on becoming
the next winner
after so many years