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i don’t have a good

i don’t have a good
sense of time. everything’s packed
in and loose in the

same spell – like grandpa’s pipe when he
was here with us, now that he’s not

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: packed

in the shower this

in the shower this
morning, i am
slowly turning
the knob towards
C for the final
rinse, so that when
i close my eyes,
i have a direct tap
into the atlantic

nine times out of

nine times out of
ten, we approach each
other without knowing
the mettle of which
we are made. even
after years of testing
one another,
acknowledging as many
variables as our hearts
can hold, we will stumble
upon the end of
things and realize
that we failed to detect
the significance of one or
more properties,
overlooked the
hard spots that
we thought were
holding us together


you are burning