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we do not know our

we do not know our
appetites until we cross
paths with it – sometimes

in broad daylight, other times,
in the middle of the night

we will cross paths for

we will cross paths for
as long as we live and die
and live and die, this
much is known –
when we meet, it
will be like coming
upon a lost fragrance

without trying, we

almost happy is

on days when my

on days when my
parallel self is
standing here, dawn
gnawing at my
soul, there are
twenty-six of me
found back
home, eight still
a pianist, four
doctors and
lawyers and such,
and at least three
of me always
with you

we all take slightly

we all take slightly
similar, slightly
different, paths
forwards and
towards the same
god – one who
loves or hates
our enemies, one
who can convince
us that what is
good is evil, what is
wrong is right.
when synthesized,
we are marching
to the beat of the
same drum, beckoning
us to take our eyes
off the ball