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in real estate, owning

in real estate, owning
and being owned are
two sides of
the same coin –
four walls and a
roof can easily be
mistaken for a
parasite from any
angle. thoughts
of escaping
escape along
the edges

there is an old, new

there is an old, new
paralysis – a hitchhiker
on the most bearable
days, a parasite on
the worst – that pins
down a hand, an
arm, a leg, a morsel
of every hour, crushing
the cells and membranes
of day. we feel
sick about it all
the time, emerge
from the stupor
spasmodically to ask
one another for best and
worst case scenarios,
readjust our negativity
bias for a version
of survival

things we leave unsaid

things we leave unsaid
sprout tendrils, winding their way
around suitable

hosts, a cellular invasion,
a parasite of memory

even bees learn to

even bees learn to
swallow the trauma for a
little while – never

finding a way home is also
a defense mechanism