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i am pretending

i am pretending
to know something about your
loneliness – it takes

a good forty-five minutes
for the painkillers to kick in

with the luxury

with the luxury
of painkillers,
we pretend
our bodies can
endure anything –
a migraine,
a tooth extraction,
a pulled muscle,
the passage of time

sort of measuring

sort of measuring
time by the expiration
date on a bottle
of painkillers is
realizing that
the journey*
hasn’t been
all that bad –
let’s divide and
conquer what’s
left of it before
the potency
wears off

* Happy New Year’s Eve! Thank you to WordPress and Editor Cheri Lucas Rowlands for highlighting my six-year journey of daily posts. You can check it out in today’s Discover post round-up.

Thanks to the post, I’ve also discovered Andy Townend and his Poetry 101 Rehab prompts, a weekly post to inspire fellow bloggers. The above is inspired by this week’s prompt, Odyssey.

Thank you, as always, for reading, and have a healthy and peaceful new year!