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these are the moments

these are the moments
when we will feel hot and cold
all at once, waiting –

always, always from the outside,
looking in, helpless, hopeful

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: hopeful


every home appears

every home appears
peaceful from the outside. inside,
the dinosaurs on

the windowsill are rebelling
and building a lego trap

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: dinosaurs

on the curb, outside

on the curb, outside
of our window, an idling
truck, predawn, weaving

its big, noisy, trucky dreams
into our great brooklyn ones

outside looking in,

after i

after i
fuckin’ hate you,
you are the
, there is only
storming out, even
when it is well
past midnight, below
freezing outside,
and you have
woken up the neighbors
again, but it’s no
one’s business
to save you

we don’t go out of

we don’t go out of
our way to not have
black friends
you said.
i got out of bed this
morning and pulled on
the white narcissism
as white guilt
robe, not
making me any less
yellow. i am going through
photos from last night’s
mardi gras party and
commenting on the
homogeneity. from just
inside of the outside
looking in, are we
simply cleared of
racism by showing up
for all the protests while
toasting to our own?
as a card-carrying
the lines blur while
the gears in the well-
established system turn

after some time, a