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at fifteen thousand

at fifteen thousand
rpm, our love separates
into identifiable phases.
starting with the heaviest
memories, we can
extract one or two
samples to be
processed for that
magical unknown.
it is a shame
that what remains
afloat, and likely to be
discarded, are several
years of aimless kisses


i don’t suppose spinach

i don’t suppose spinach
ever dreams beyond sun,
water, cool soil, and more
sun. it may never
imagine being folded
so lovingly
, steamed
or lightly sautéed
with a touch of olive
oil and two cloves
of garlic. simplicity
sometimes eludes
the best of us

wisdom pauses


want to start a farm?
he asks.

you mean quitting our jobs
and taking day trips to the outskirts
of the city to flex and bend
underneath unfractured sunlight,
soak in fresh soil and coax
a plot of earth to carry to term
the fruits of our labor, with crisp
air between our teeth?

i just want to grow strawberries
on our roof, he replies.