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the new year arrives

the new year arrives
like old math. we carry
over more than we
care to admit and
borrow old memories
from those who’ve
remembered for
us, with no obligation
to pay them back

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: math

perhaps months,

perhaps months,
years from now, these
days will become
foggy, it’s how our
minds insist on
playing games with
our hearts – now you see
me, now you don’t

we have no choice as
witnesses, obligated
to make out every
fine detail in the
heightened haze

there are words you

there are words you
wish you can say only
in water – words from
which you can swim
away, as if you didn’t
know how they
surfaced, floating equal
between two
desperations still treading
allegiance, waiting
to be saved