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i am opening

i am opening
a fresh package of
candied pinto
beans and
how you used to
carry them overseas,
from grandma to
grandma to
hand to hand to
hand, an exchange
all at once
familiar and
unfamiliar, a

here are the cells

here are the cells
hanging onto those
memories of stepping
into the light in your
bedroom, with all the
immensity that comes
with introductions.
each remaining
mitochondria draws
towards the east-facing
bay windows, as if
there were still
something left to
break down, turn
into new nostalgia.
each golgi apparatus
looks for clues at
the edges of a peripheral
vision too shy to be
curious, while pretending
to be bold on that
particular afternoon.
to tell the truth, all
nuclei begin to lose
the integrity of a
moment recalled
as soon as the
moment is recalled

the daylight saving

the daylight saving
plan often includes
getting stuck in unusual
times and spaces. whether
we are fast-forwarding the
REM state or forfeiting
an hour to drinks,
we are on the losing
end as the minutes
tango by. careful –
do not be drawn by
the nostalgic rhythm