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perhaps you protect

perhaps you protect
yourself from me a little,
when a handful of
words exchanged
can acquire life,
get out of bed
with a sigh, become
intimate with every corner
of the apartment, eat
the same meals you
eat, watch the same
Centurion Classics,
crawl into the hammocks
you hang between more
words planted by once
familiar authors, lay down
beside you at night,
try to control their
breathing in the dark,
on the chance that you
won’t swat them away


last night, with one look,

a handful of hours

a handful of hours
before sunrise,
your thumb
has discovered
the outer
corners of my
pinky. i have
where triggers
go to hide

for seven, maybe

for seven, maybe
eight hours, i tried you on
with a different

lens – i don’t like to share more
of myself than i have to

i have been caught

i have been caught
grinding my teeth
in the middle of the
night again. you reach
over and massage my
cheeks, pulling me
back from worlds
and worlds away. i
return to you, covered
in the elements –
exiting the universes
we create always
takes some strength,
ample resistance

one or eighty thoughts

one or eighty thoughts
sneak away from
me to meet
you every night – i
have surrendered to
opened windows,
brussels sprouts
in the kitchen

you are awake in

you are awake in
the middle of the
night, hanging onto
the edge of my
dreams, searching.
you said i keep
touching your cheek,
feeling for a face
that may or may not
have been your
face. i asked if
i said anything.
you said i was
speaking in a
foreign language
again. il n’y a pas plus
sourd que celui qui
ne veut pas entendre