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new chapters arrive

near the end of may,

at long last, we have

even now, we are

even now, we are
rehearsing this newest
compulsion to
rebalance, a
gentle pressure to
but not so much

there is an old, new

there is an old, new
paralysis – a hitchhiker
on the most bearable
days, a parasite on
the worst – that pins
down a hand, an
arm, a leg, a morsel
of every hour, crushing
the cells and membranes
of day. we feel
sick about it all
the time, emerge
from the stupor
spasmodically to ask
one another for best and
worst case scenarios,
readjust our negativity
bias for a version
of survival

it is all complex,

it is all complex,
or none of it is complex
at all – i cross these

borders several times, apply new
data to old data to heart

i still choose

i still choose
you daily –
wake up, check
the weather,
put on your
love, first
left brain,
then right brain,
draw it
all the way down
my lungs
over my heart – it is
a pullover kind of
and there are days
when i am like
a child, looking
for every excuse
to peel it off,
feel something new