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this morning, we learned

this morning, we learned
you were shrinking,
all fourteen-
point-six million square
miles of you, quaking and
leaving deep
scarps as if carving
out a message – for the
850 pounds of moon
rocks we stole
away and called our
greatest legacy –
to return home

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recognizing only a splinter

recognizing only a splinter
of a fragment of how
the observable
universe works, i am stuck
wondering if somewhere,
in the constellation
, someone has
looked out her window
for the last time, a witness
to the collision, ouroboros

when i heard today

when i heard today
that NASA had discovered
a new solar system with seven
earth-like planets, i sighed
thank god as if i were
closer to getting off
this one. other lures:
the system’s star
is an ultracool
named TRAPPIST-1,
no abrahamic relations, and
cosmically speaking,
40 light years away
is only right next door

during the Perseids,

during the Perseids,
my heart wanders back to
January 2012,
predawn, unreasonably
cold, cutting
our teeth on the
and how
crisp every wish
sounded, riding
to the airport, caught
between staying
and leaving,
and disregarding
these astronomical
hints to impact events

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in honor of the constellation

in honor of the constellation
Lupus, the wolf, and its
newfound cub, the one-
of-a-kind SAO two-oh-six-
, we clink
our glasses and take
time chewing
our meats
imagination hooked
on those spiral arms

on the twenty-eighth

on the twenty-eighth
day, the moon will have
finally made her way around
this new
you, and the sudden
realization will show
on her face,
and the earth will recognize
that suffering look
and all at once
lighter in mass, in this new

as a consequence,
each day
will be quickened
by one point two
six microseconds,
and they will put it
in their history books –
and there will be less time
to say i love you,
less occasion to hold your
hand, less room
to tie the tips
of our dreams together,
less, still less.

but it is only the twentieth
day – the moon doesn’t
know, so the earth
doesn’t know, and the
days, they drag their
feet because you’re not
here, and
we have been living
with it
for twenty days