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and still, we are not

and still, we are not
spending enough time looking
back to inform the

present, let alone the future,
doomed to make the same mistakes

A4 and i are

A4 and i are
passing a piece of junk mail
back and forth, meant for

B2. the name and address don’t
match, so the advertisers lose

i am running out

i am running out
of obstacles to overcome –
even with the strength

of the proverbial ant,
there’s still no mistaking the boot

this morning, there were fish

this morning, there were fish
falling from the sky, one
symphonic stroke
away from the character
for rain. on paper, there
is less room
for erring, but when
you are a beginner,
magic comes
naturally at the turn
of the tongue –
a horse mistaken for
mother, an offered
pillow instead of warm
dumplings, and if
you’re really not
careful, you learn
to shrink
instead of love