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there are layers to

there are layers to
memories that reside in
whispers – not knowing

what happened to the other colt
gets pushed into these shadows

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: layers


this evening, when the

this evening, when the
sandhill cranes arrived, you noticed
one colt missing – from

four to three to two to one, we
will one day all go missing

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: missing

in the end, memories

the ones you miss

the ones you miss
most are the ones
who depart the
soonest – trying to
get out of that one
requires a time
machine or two
fingers of whiskey

i know, and now you

i know, and now you
know, how this will go –
there will be
one week when i will
be indecisive about emptying
the wicker trash bin in the
bedroom, months when i
will avoid vacuuming
one or two corners of the
apartment for fear of
erasing you, a year or
five may go by before i
walk down that street
or head to the cloisters
again, and still, there
will be pockets within
, here and there,
when i will, without so
many words, bump into
the feeling the last time…
was with you
over and
over, until you become
like a fragrance from
lifetimes before

do not be alarmed – i

do not be alarmed – i
found a bruise on my
upper right
thigh the size of
carelessness, the
shade of meditative
healing, the length
of missing you.
between the corner
of the table and
rounding week
two, it’s only a
matter of time

there are moments when

there are moments when
i don’t want to leave home, seconds
when i long for hours –

tucked into childhood memories,
each feeling fading to an ache