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i am one drop of

i am one drop of
milk away from making melted
coffee ice cream – some

days require more or less support,
depending on how you like it

it’s not a strict

it’s not a strict
formula – the time
between when the
youngsters are
asleep and the
teenagers are
awake – but we
milk that lull
for all its worth,
add a splash into
our morning
coffee, have
manhattan all
to ourselves

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: formula

at Boulevard, we are following

at Boulevard, we are following
protocol – next to his heavy
French accent, nothing
beats the velvety golden ratio
of temptation-to-indulgence

at the start of the Tamil

at the start of the Tamil
month of Thai
, when
Surya loosens his
belt a notch to make
room for harvest,
everything is more
vibrant as we
live in the
moment, expectant,
alert, like waiting for
milk to boil over