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without meaning to,

without meaning to,
memories get squeezed into
feelings – when you pass

me in aisle five, i am a
swan dive away from buoyant

jared, twenty years

jared, twenty years
is a long time to know and
not know a person –

when my spirit finally
meets your spirit, let’s start over

with only a hundred

with only a hundred
billion neurons
meeting and
unmeeting within
each galaxy of one
individual, we profess
to knowing where
we are going
when we take
one another’s hand

you meet me at the

sitting across from

sitting across from
you, three years later –
things we
pick up, people
we lose –
age tries to
meet us in
the middle, but
often ends up
overtaking us

surely time must have

here are the cells

here are the cells
hanging onto those
memories of stepping
into the light in your
bedroom, with all the
immensity that comes
with introductions.
each remaining
mitochondria draws
towards the east-facing
bay windows, as if
there were still
something left to
break down, turn
into new nostalgia.
each golgi apparatus
looks for clues at
the edges of a peripheral
vision too shy to be
curious, while pretending
to be bold on that
particular afternoon.
to tell the truth, all
nuclei begin to lose
the integrity of a
moment recalled
as soon as the
moment is recalled

we are required

there’s another version

there’s another version
of us, a catch and
release, one in which
we are both
experts, armed
only with barbless
hooks. maybe we pose
for a photograph,
but we leave
no other
remnants –
no stress nor injuries –
with eighty-seven percent
chance of survival

from the B.Q.E.,

from the B.Q.E.,
i am always seeing you
for the first time –
a rapid exchange
in morse code,
from windows to
window, rolled
down for
better decoding