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some staples exist

some staples exist
the world over – the meat and
of life

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: potatoes

i am working on it

i am working on it
is not as active as it
sounds or looks.
i am not down
to the residuals
here, no full-on
tugging from
bygone experiences,
but a daily non-
choosing – meat
so delicious, no
one has to
put up a fight

the thing that can turn you

the thing that can turn you
into a vegetarian doesn’t look
like much – it is a switch
like any other switch, a
button, a memory, an
unannounced instance.
whatever the circumstance,
the best advice in town is
never give it a name

if you are what you

as much as i sometimes

as much as i sometimes
hate to say it – on a sunday,
nothing beats gathering
around a table
with friends
and a tray of lovingly
raised, dry rubbed,
precisely smoked,
meticulously measured,
happily served meats

once Brooklyn took

once Brooklyn took
home the top Zagat
honors for pastrami
it was on – hipsters
vs. tourists, counter-
culture vs. conformists,
New Yorkers
vs. bona fide New
Yorkers, even
casual vs. uniform –
we all just gotta
love our meats
the way we love ‘em