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essential tools for

essential tools for
the haves speaking to the have-mores –
a dictionary,

materials to build bridges,
flora and fauna field guides

the raw materials

the raw materials
of our lives are
messy, have
teeth to chew
up logic, a
throat for
and the stomach to
stomach the doubt

it takes six tweezers, three

it takes six tweezers, three
screwdrivers, two bottles of
glue, one good wire snip,
a spool of longing, a bouquet
of drill bits, needles, and pins,
an anchor of kisses, and twelve
years to carve this wonder, hold
taut confusion, wrap joy
close, fold breathlessness
for two beats
before raising the masts
of those early days
waking up new
and near,
unfurling the sails of
an eternal spring
in a bottle
for the long journeys away
from you, my home