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drowning doesn’t look

drowning doesn’t look
the way one suspects it looks
every time, it takes

something as hard and soft as
water to appear uplifted

i do not know when

i do not know when
these rose-colored
glasses fell
away from my
face – maybe it was
during some kind of
skirmish, maybe i
slipped them off
between gazing
over there
and looking right
so that i could
see more clearly

this morning, before

this morning, before
heading out, i came
to the realization
that i am down to
only one repertoire.
even though you
identified five or six
keys within the range
in which you felt most
comfortable, it is
still the same song.
i am looking out
the window, playing
to the passersby, my
entire body hums

time will always

time will always
overtake love,
whether on one
of those cliff-
hugging curves, a
gravel switchback,
along a few thousand
kilometers of open
road, or stuck
momentarily on
a multilane highway.
we will not be looking
at each other when it
happens. our eyes
will be on the road,
looking ahead
or maybe looking
back. it will be as
natural as taking
a foot off the brake,
slipping forward in time

i have not said it,

i have not said it,
but i will say it – i hunt
for you inside of

every hour – if only
you were not so impatient

how to capture this

how to capture this
and not put it into words –
every corner of

the universe curls, vignettes
when you look at me like that

having the luxury to