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this late into the

eight minutes before

by the time i make

by the time i make
a decision about you,
it will be too late –
this is not
how these things
go, it is how
i go, cutting it
close until it
doesn’t matter
how close –
i will not mind
losing if it
means you win

one in eight children

one in eight children
are traumatized by
that early morning
realization of missing
the school bus. it
still sneaks into
our slumber, the
mechanical stop-
sign arm, that air
brake sigh, the
national school
bus chrome,
shrinking in
the distance

you come in

you come in
late, and i pretend
to be one
of those girls
who peel
off, nice and
easy, leaving
no sticky
residue, no
need for extra
rubbing. i have
a jar of peanut
butter in one
hand, a cold
spoon in the
other, and enough
words to swallow
before the jig is up

i don’t want to be

as soon as

as soon as
midnight, every second
is set free
, loosens
up, becomes un-
specified, unmarked,
transforms into
raw ingredients
to be tasted, used
up – i am writing in
the firefly glow
of milliseconds
in a jar, you are
pressing yours
into a late
night snack –
we are miles
and hours apart