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for seven stops on

for seven stops on
the L-train this morning, we
read our books, sneaking

in the tiniest expressions
just for each other to translate

as soon as the doors slide

as soon as the doors slide
open on the Manhattan-
L-train, we pick our
seated target, step
into the car,
making a beeline
to settle in front of our
fellow commuter
who looks most like
a Lorimer
or a Bedford –
if we get lucky,
it’s a smooth,
seated ride the rest
of the way, even if
we get a little stuck
in the tunnel


on a scale from walking

on a scale from walking
to sprinting, we make
the transfer, keep pace
with fellow commuters –
it’s how i imagine
the Pamplona encierro
running with the bulls,
someone slips
sometime –
but here, in
Brooklyn, between
the L-train and the
G-train, no one’s looking
out to save us

heavy man on the

heavy man on the
L, dangling –
by a thread of
sleep deprivation
from the vertical
handrails, nodding
off outside
the beat of my
evening commute
selection, maybe
for the transitional
bridge to catch him

on the L – the only train

on the L – the only train
whose passengers have a
figure lit above their foreheads
counting down the number
of stops before they
disembark – i take my chances
standing in front of a young
lady, hedging my bets that
she will not change her
mind this morning. thank
goodness for this new
installation – the L
train: executing MTA’s
experiments, transporting
perfectly poised guinea pigs