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i made you say i

i made you say i
love you
i wouldn’t have to
guess. when i feed it
to the spectrometer
tonight, we will be
able to analyze
purity versus
pressure, measure the
intensity of each peak.
for this, the organic
chemistry lab was
worth the pretty penny

being careless, the seconds

being careless, the seconds
we spend nearest each
other have been found
to be uneven, exchanging
ions lovingly as though
in a daydream, leaving us
uniquely charged. the devil’s
in the details, until he isn’t

it takes a certain

it takes a certain
kind of chemistry to make
things so delicate

between us – i was never
one to emit visible

light when excited –
given our ionizing
natures, it will take

more than an old flame test to
identify these unknowns