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an intervention

at the funeral,

at the funeral,
your dad shared
the story about that
time when they had
to hold an intervention
clean up or stop
coming around
but for what came
next, we would
not be gathered here
today as family,

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: intervention


if i could, i would like to

if i could, i would like to
break down, fasten the ends
of the things we know best
about each other to a thousand
parachutes and let go. but
most interventions are
traps – the evening sky
holds the same stars and,
despite inexhaustible
interpretations, our
bolero, the same notes

it’s hard to assess

it’s hard to assess
the disappointment,
measure the disbelief,
but you’ve been there
we all have – forehead
glued to the window,
hands framing face,
eyes looking in,
searching, searching

in the shower this morning, i

in the shower this morning, i
concocted a mastermind
plan to fasten the ends of these tear
ducts to a Rube Goldberg machine.
at this point, it is certain to be
the most direct way to intervene
the next time they have
the vaguest inclination to shed.
if it takes at least forty-nine
independent steps to get there,
there might be just enough time for
prevention — between the triggered
sorrow weighing down my
heart, to the released
sand tilting the cold, metallic
scale, i may have set
enough of an elaborate trap
to lock myself out of myself