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perhaps they have been

perhaps they have been
waiting for this moment,
placing the onus
of a child’s
learning on his or her
circumstances, family,
life choices – as
if there were already
choices – the curriculum
is here,
get online,
in line,
with our program

according to this

according to this
morning’s report, only six
percent of those in
new york city homeless
shelters could access
the internet through
their shelter. this
spring’s best front
yard contest has been
cancelled, though
you prune the
, just
in case.
we are all connected
until we are not,
most at risk when
we forget that
we are

here is a thing i

here is a thing i
do or am finding myself
newly doing, an
adding-on to my
life experiences
because of you –
after certain
deaths, a scouring
through the cloud,
gathering of data,
zeroes and ones,
for evidence, any
sign of neglect
when i could have
singlehandedly, if
not so effortlessly,
plucked this
future pain from
our hearts, an
unbelievably self-
preserving, ego-
centric, and
indulgent thought,
as if i could
wrap it securely
around my heart
to forget you

whether or not we

whether or not we
choose to admit it,
there is no turning
, this
commodification of
ourselves. don’t look
so surprised – they
know what you
want, they are
crunching the
data on what
you need –
can’t you hear
the servers humming

off the grid, there is

off the grid, there is
even more living, best
not to have been
captured than
captured and released