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when they talk about

when they talk about
pallet control, do they
analyze the quality of
the embouchure when
air passes through
the stacks at sixty
miles per hour? do
they appraise the
musical squeeze of
harmonies patented
by Raymond and
House in one or
the other’s garage?
or does someone just
put a forklift
in the hymn, and
push the conversation
into the corner until
the early shift takes
over in the morning?

i cannot seem to write

i cannot seem to write
a single thank you note
for the condolences

but can you please keep
your instruments out?

those cases are too
reminiscent of
his final resting place

though our fingers turn

though our fingers turn
old and still much
older each day
they still find their way
around our instruments
like conversations
between friends
or dormant branches
rehearsing color
one symphonic
section at a time