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we buy into our

we buy into our
own versions of tradition
every time, picking

and choosing which passages
to chew up or swallow whole

every year, there is

every year, there is
a new story that you are
destined to own – an

incalculable weight, a
notable inheritance

at the tip of a

with our hearts within

with our hearts within
our hands, we can
round out a fifth
dimension, using
only your grandpa’s
tools to fine-tune each
curve, extend yesteryear’s
impressions –
i love when you
pull out the old things
to make them new

the hand that receives

the hand that receives
is a storyteller, is a
historian, is a
mind-reader, is an
evangelist, is a
hard worker, is an
opportunist, is a
thief, is a
negotiator, is a
slave, is a
master, is a
son, a daughter,
a father, a mother,
is a child, is an
overseer, is a
lover, is a
dodger, is a
coward, is
a winner


my dad passed down the love

my dad passed down the love
for Volkswagens the way
folks passed on their
ancestry – one vibrant
story at a time
. and
traveling through the
milestones in a VW
or two certainly
stoked the enchantment

the things we inherit

the things we inherit
from our mothers
sometimes arrive
dull, like a distant
reflection that require
polishing. the
very same moment
arrives for everyone –
in front of a hot stove,
looking down into
the swirling
contents – one pinch
or two? chopped
or diced? did she
or didn’t she?



the living takes over
after the dying expires –
suddenly, sharing that
moment and dishing
a final, home-cooked meal
out of those memories
matter less than whether
that china-set was offered
to you in the first place
twenty years ago. and
breaking down the house
into for-keeps and sellable
parts only expedites the
loss, now merely an abstract
casualty, stuffed for the
second, third, or fourth time
into an unrecoverable box