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let’s not stay on the

let’s not stay on the
fence about it, beat around
the bush – pick a side


between heads or tails

between heads or tails
is a waiting misinformed by
the patterns we seek

i am more and less

i am more and less
enamoured than i pretend
to be – when i come

up for air, hold me to it,
against everything, truth and dare

by the time i make

by the time i make
a decision about you,
it will be too late –
this is not
how these things
go, it is how
i go, cutting it
close until it
doesn’t matter
how close –
i will not mind
losing if it
means you win

you laugh at me when

you laugh at me when
i try to play guessing games
with my heart –

i can’t decide which
category i’m in

what do you mean you
can’t decide if you are a

satisficer or a maximizer?
there should be a third
category – when one makes
a decision and continues
to reconsider the options
over and over.

oh, how did you know?
there is a third category

a kiss in the middle of
so many kisses for
still wanting me

i know, and now you

i know, and now you
know, how this will go –
there will be
one week when i will
be indecisive about emptying
the wicker trash bin in the
bedroom, months when i
will avoid vacuuming
one or two corners of the
apartment for fear of
erasing you, a year or
five may go by before i
walk down that street
or head to the cloisters
again, and still, there
will be pockets within
, here and there,
when i will, without so
many words, bump into
the feeling the last time…
was with you
over and
over, until you become
like a fragrance from
lifetimes before

i don’t know what i

i don’t know what i
am doing on my best days,
let alone the rest –
sleep is always over-
or underrated and never
quite the solution