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the year of firsts will

the year of firsts will
pull no punches – a birthday
here, a holiday

there. we will discover micro-
to help us adapt next year

for six months, Citi

for six months, Citi
has been sending me
embossed invitations to
increase my credit
limit, courtesy of
age and the dental
bills that accompany
a life of chewing none
too thoughtfully. with
a bit of wear and
tear, the texture
becomes quite
delicious, that familiar
blue (Pantone 288)
laced across the
buttercreamy envelope,
like icing on a cake –
my fingers are
just as dirty


you went to the post
office on tuesday to
estimate the number of
stamps it would take
to bring out all the
crazies. waiting in
a nine yard line, you
weighed the clever
dose of extra
patience injected
into the service system
since the one-penny-
increase went into
effect. you calculated
the exact difference
between the volume
coming from the
confusion and that of
the faithful postman.
the line squirmed, and
you stepped up, tongue
ready, to receive
your holy
one-cent communion