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not crying in the

not crying in the
shower because it’s cliché
allows for half a
dozen other options,
like turning the valve
all the way to the
right until the heart
clinches, or turning
it fully left until
conviction melts.
then there’s always
the option of turning
it off – some people
consider crying
in the shower,
while others
stand in long lines
waiting to fill their pails

in the middle of

in the middle of
the night,
the hot water takes
six-point-two seconds
longer to come –
my body’s in the
bathtub objecting, my
brain is somewhere
else, making
all sorts
of concessions

it’s how dad rises

it’s how dad rises
before daybreak to flush out
the cold water from

the pipes for us – so that we
never have to stop dreaming

sneaking in a bath

sneaking in a bath
before sunrise, i have all
the hot water in

the world, and no one is waiting –
dreams shake loose, float towards the edge