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every moment, a

between holding it all

between holding it all
in and not knowing
how you have held it
all in is the color
of regret, the
shape of
as natural
and unnatural
as time

seconds before flight,

there are tricks to

there are tricks to
carrying you
around. as soon as i
get it down cold,
i’ll have no problem
letting you go

it’s true, i do not

it’s true, i do not
hold you like i used to.
yesterday, the dentist
explained it best with
the three classes and five
theories of occlusion,
or how the upper and
lower teeth should come
together with the least
amount of destructive
interferences, a delicate
balance of muscles, ligaments,
and bones, waiting for an
electrical impulse from
the brain. it’s often the
hair-trigger adjustments
that translate most into
an irreversible
and nameless pain

i am more and less

i am more and less
enamoured than i pretend
to be – when i come

up for air, hold me to it,
against everything, truth and dare

day sixty-one, i

day sixty-one, i
realized i had never seen
you smile so damn much.
packed expertly into a
half bent, tapered
morning, the
first sips were
heavenly, holding
your mouth
in my mouth,
without burning
too hot or too fast