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the history of

the history of
us is complicated – working
together, we can

reach the greatest heights and dig
ourselves into the deepest depths

here are the exits

here are the exits
as presented in real life
or otherwise, a

diversion, a small fancy,
a temptation, l’appel du vide

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: fancy

for all the data

for all the data
we collect from one
another, day to
day, minute
to minute, perhaps
we are building
a universal
reference on
ourselves, as if
there could be
a perfect equation
to calculate the
gravitational tug
from person to
person, something
we can keep
in our back pocket

you took me to the

you took me to the
sutro baths, and those
late afternoon
edges were so
sharp, i pretended
to be brave.
against all
heights, i longed to
sink into the
waters to ground
myself, trading one
death for another