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half-an-hour to

half-an-hour to
sunrise, one hour before
the guests arrive in

our backyard, staying alert to
guard mama’s sweet potato leaves

between vacuuming

between vacuuming
the house, cleaning
out and restocking
the fridge, ironing
the dinner napkins,
folding and unfolding
the sheets, trips to the
airport, thawing the
ham, one more
grocery run, and
refueling the gas
tank, mom and dad
meet in the backyard
for a breather,

the best thing about

the best thing about
living near the pool is the
option to not get

into it whenever we
don’t feel like it, just like living

in the city, in
the center of town, is to
say no, thanks when guests

line up for the greatest in
architectural designer

statuesque extra-
vaganza. we can take a peek,
drop by, anytime

the hummingbird rattles in