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friendships are measured

friendships are measured
by the length of time it takes
to finish a good

cup of coffee – the short and
long of it is anyone’s guess

more often than not,

more often than not,
we settle in or brace ourselves
by the look of the

horizon – even from a
distance, we think we feel or know

there’s a time to hang

there’s a time to hang
onto the keys, and
a time to let go –
it’s not a
guessing game

in a couple of weeks

in a couple of weeks
you will no longer
be able to tell
where the mend is

this is what she promised
the afternoon she tried

and after time had passed
when i found that i could still
lay a finger on it
i saw her again

if you could stop
for even one
morning with me, it will
go away

this is her response
an escapist guess, at best

and on the morning i stopped
the room was empty
a loose goodbye to chew on
a stray silence