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watching scallions grow

at the cemetery,

at the cemetery,
there is enough
new growth
to power the
most decorated
athlete, a reminder
that as much as we
receive, we will be
made to return

why not a bouquet

why not a bouquet
of birds in the backyard, gathered
into a handful

of moments, bringing vibrant
colors to all that verdancy

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: verdant

our backyard is a

our backyard is a
patch of grass accessorizing
new york city, such

a small thing that makes all the
difference for our simple hearts

i am waiting for

i told you i wore this

i told you i wore this
pendant because
should i be discovered
one day, floating towards
greener pastures
, i could
be tagged y doe, and never
jane doe – at least, they
would be one letter
closer, and i, less plainer.
you replied welcome
to the family