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smile as a random

because you and i

because you and i
come from the same
root, we can
still hold
and transmit
the most
basic meaning – even
underneath all
the affixes,
the prefixes, suffixes –
within the
quietest look

** in the absence of The Daily Post from WordPress, here’s your daily prompt: root

in the next thirty-

in the next thirty-
one minutes, i will have
secured my knots and
harness and be ready to
rappel into that lost
hour – meet me there,
where anything
would have been

nine out of ten words

nine out of ten words
prefer following over
leading –
the weight hangs
upon the hook

you make

you make
leaks bearable –
when the present
absorbs light
like a sudden black
hole in the ceiling,
you can re-conjugate
time and
space to pull
us through –
your secret
is safe with me

it is comforting

it is comforting
to do without
tense, not have to
conjugate after
losing someone –
we take long walks
in the park
, he
prefers a strong
cup of tea
, we are
so happy
– as long
as i remove the
time marker prior
to making each
statement, there is
a consistency and
completeness of
action relative to
my recollection
only in our
native tongues

there is comfort in

there is comfort in
imperatives –
wait here, yield,
don’t stand so close
to the edge
, enter,
keep right, push
carefully, serve
warm, admit
one, gently, by
hand, tell me
again, do not leave
unattended, stay

love unwinds like an

love unwinds like an
ampersand between you and
me, developing

into an en dash – to give
off the appropriate vibe

i told them all

i told them all
that you were very
scientific, and yes,
they would love
to meet you. did i
say to meet you? i meant
to have met you. and yes,
it is things like this
that i like to focus on –
grammar, procedure,
algorithms, the space-time
continuum – that makes
the first statement true,
the following statement
true, the previous
statement false and grief,
just another paradox